Cara Jorgensen

The Gateau Baking Co. is owned and operated by 24 year old, Cara Jorgensen. In November of 2016 she opened her current shop in the 7th St. Public Market. In her spare time, you can catch her hanging out with her puppy Dink, shopping at Campbell's Plant Nursery, or redecorating her office. Cara currently resides in Plaza Midwood and hopes to open her second location in the neighborhood.



Front of house. Denise is currently in school at UNCC studying finance. She has been with Gateau since opening day back in November 2016 and is an irreplaceable member of our team. Sweet D enjoys hanging out with little kittens and daydreaming. Denise's strong work ethic and amazing organizational skills really helps us hold it down in the front. She works full time, goes to school, AND finds the time to spend with her friends and family- talk about a superwoman!

Emily Williams

Baker-babe. Emily is from Denton, TX. She moved to Charlotte in 2012 to go to JWU. She graduated in 2015 with her degree in Baking & Pastry and Food Service Management. Her Charlotte work experience includes Southern Cake Queen food truck, Polka Dot Bake Shop, and currently Gateau Baking Company. Mexican food, goats, and puns are a few of her favorite things.

Anthony Whidbee

Front of house. When he's not in class at UNCC studying Women's and gender studies, you can catch Anthony working our counter a few days a week. He enjoys dusting his hands with powdered sugar for snapchat photos at the shop and just being all around extra. Anthony is sure to brighten anyone's mood! In his spare time Anthony death drops it like it's hot around Plaza Midwood preforming as Heiress Hilton- the best drag superstar in our opinion.

Meghan Del Rosario

Baker-babe. Originally from Hawaii, Meghan moved to Charlotte to attend Johnson and Wales University. She is currently entering her junior year (studying pastry!) and has joined our team after completing her spring internship with us. Meghan is a strong pastry chef with an incredibly bright future! Meghan enjoys spending her days off "eating, shopping, and cooking" ... same tho


Jarrod Hayslette

Front of house. Jarrod is an App State grad who's current focus is booking concerts through The Oddboy Collective, a start up which he co-founded. As any music-centric person, Jarrod spends his free time at shows around the south east, hiking with his friends, and drinking snobby coffee. Jarrod works full time at Gateau and is wonderfully reliable and always has something interesting and fun to chat about! His favorite is when people don't know how to use the parking ticket validator.


Honorary #frenchbaker to Kinley Miles who we wish didn't have to move aka leave us.