July Recap!

Why is it so hot outside?!

July has flown by for me! This month started steady and only went up from there. We took part in quite a few amazing events like Sustainable Saturdays, a Low Country Boil at Pint Central, the grand opening of Elsa Fine's new storefront, The Gordon Street Flea Market, Petra's very first Hot Stuff Summer market, and another beautiful wedding! With new partnerships, progress on the food truck, and improved packaging-
July has me feeling ALL the way up!

Pop ups? SURE!

The handmade market scene here in the QC has really begun blooming in the past few years as CLT consumers have shifted their focus away from quickly (& cheaply) manufactured goods to locally made, handcrafted goods. Something that I think we hear a lot but don't ever really take to heart is the notion that when you buy from a local business you aren't "helping a CEO get his 4th vacation home" but rather helping to "fund a kids ballet lessons" (or something along those lines)- and it's true! By shopping small you're choosing to help protect our local economy and preserve the area's unique character. When a city is rich in diversity and strength through it's small businesses, that city becomes more self sustained and less susceptible to economic downfalls.

A pop up event, or handmade market, is a place where a group of makers come together and sell their products in an already existing location. An example of this type of event would be The Gordon Street Flea Market hosted by Snug Harbor every month or the Sustainable Saturday Farmers Market hosted by Pure Pizza every week.

For us it's pastries but for others it's small batch coffee, handmade jewelry, specialty beard oils, etc. Whatever the endeavor- being a pop up vendor allows new entrepreneurs the chance to share their goods with potential customers, meet other great vendors, network with existing storefronts, and explore unusual areas of Charlotte.

We are ingredient focused and community driven, so for Gateau, having the chance to get out and be a part of our city (and potentially make a difference in our city!) is a really important aspect of business.

Who knows! Maybe (as a shopper) you'll walk into a market and meet a small business owner that fits you and your needs in a way you could have never imagined!

What's up food truck?

We haven't been too loud about our mobile operation lately but don't let that worry you! Our original plan was to get a flat bed trailer and build a tiny house from the ground up. BUT, after talking with contractors, a welder, insurance agents, and a few other experts- we decided to take a different route! So what exactly does that mean? Simply put, that we're still making a "tiny house" to serve as our portable storefront, just with a more reliable structure. The wheels are in motion and you can count on a grand opening party before the end of the year!

Honestly thoooo, love is in the air.

In July I had the privileged of providing Nikki and Daniel with their wedding cake. Travis and I drove an hour into the little town of Gold Hill where we were met with smiles and hands eager to help us get the cake ready. We sipped on La Croix, chatted with a cool uncle, and got that wedding cake standing tall and lookin' RIGHT.

Catering weddings is so special and I am so honored to have been blessed with such an amazing group of brides. In my very first interview back in December I said that I liked doing cakes because they are a celebration food and seeing videos like this one really helps remind me why I became a baker in the first place.

SO, here's a little clip for ya in case you haven't cried yet today.

ON THAT NOTE: this month we partnered up with the amazing creatives at
Your Custom Catering & Events

Now, when you book us to do your event's sweets and Your Custom Catering & Events to do your event's savory foods, we'll give you 10% off your order with us! It's our goal to make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible; so if we can bring you an amazing caterer AND a cake discount you KNOW we will.

To book your own weddddddding you can visit us here: weddings

I'm currently feeling at risk of writing the worlds longest update post SO here's a quick recap of the events we did in July.

Low Country Boil at Pint Central: There was music, games, and amazing food! Not to mention 15% of our sales from this event went to the American Pit Bull Foundation!


Gordon Street Flea Market at Snug Harbor: This month's market happened to be on 4th of July! It was hot outside but the drinks were flowing and ya girl helped herself to a few White Russians. Snug Harbor and it's staff have always looked out for me and allowed me to feel at home in their bar so doing this market every month is a no brainier!


Hot Stuff Pop Up Market at Petra's: This was Petra's very first handmade market and it went off without a hitch! I got to hang with old vendor friends and new! I wish there was a way to make this event happen every day of my life.

Grand Opening of Elsa Fine: I was recently introduced to owner, Jordan, by my sweet friend Kimi of Covet Atelier. Did you know Jordan is also an organizer over at Front Porch Sundays (an event we'll be at on Aug. 7th!)? She's honestly an amazing one woman show. I don't know how she not only does it all, but does it all well. Anyways, Elsa Fine brought Gateau and the bae's at Pushwater Coffee into their shop to provide free yummies to their first 50 shoppers! Talk about a gracious host!


Sustainable Saturday at Pure Pizza: This is our biggest recurring event. We do it every week, rain or shine. There's produce from Central Food Hub and an amazing cast of rotating vendors like The Posh Piglet and The Underground Truffle.


To book us for an event you can reach out via the form below or by emailing us gateaubakingcompany@gmail.com

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Here's where you can find us this month!

Thanks for your support and we'll recap again at the end of August! In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the scoop on whats cookin'

-Cara Jorgensen


Cara Jorgensen