We're expanding!

An important bakery update!

This year has been a whirlwind of chaos, excitement, growth, and learning. As many of you may remember, earlier this year we ran a crowdfunding campaign for our food truck. I think lately the question on everybody’s minds is, “well, where’s the food truck?” Over the past few months I’ve wondered that same question myself. Earlier this summer I was actively searching and researching for a way to make the truck happen and every time I thought I was making strides, something unexpected would come up. Okay, found a truck, can’t find a commissary kitchen. Okay, found a kitchen, how do I staff? Okay, now I’m thousands of dollars over budget…

These few hard months really tested how much I was willing to do for the growth and well-being of Gateau Baking Co. and right when I felt like I was losing hope in my original plans to expand, I got a call from 7th Street Market. Their bakery was moving out and they were actively looking for a new tenant. Immediately my mind went to a place of bliss. Without hesitation, I put the food truck plans to the side to focus on what could potentially be the biggest career move I’ve ever made; something concrete, real, risky, and all mine. For the past three months I kept telling myself that if I thought about it enough, surly the space would be officially offered to me. I’ve quietly held onto that crowdfunding money, tried to play as though every day is nothing new, and am so proud and excited to FINALLY announce that

The Gateau Baking Co. is officially moving into and will be open for business at 7th Street Public Market before the end of the year.

I apologize to everyone who has asked me about what’s going on and I’ve dodged the question- it’s been a secret for a while now!

So what now?

Our move in date is November 1st and our grand opening will be on our around December 1st. That means our online shop will be closed for the month of November so we can focus on getting our staff trained, outfitting our new space, and just generally getting our ducks in a row. During that time, keep an eye on our Instagram account to see where we will be popping up. On a more administrative side of things, we are hiring front of house employees, bakers, and a sugar cookie decorator in both full time and part time roles. I have brought on a very dear friend and previous co-worker of mine, Kaylen Jones, to work as our assistant GM. Kaylen and I will be holding interviews the rest of October so make sure to check out this link to get signed up: http://www.gateaubaking.co/careers/

Are you still going to be donating?

If there’s anything I’ve learned so far it’s that community is a very special, very powerful thing. I have always believed that you can only get as much as you give which is why Gateau is not only about pastries, but about volunteering and donations as well. In expanding I realize that the way we give back will need to be reevaluated. Right now, the plan is to match monetary donations made by employees up to $500 and encourage our staff to put in volunteer hours at local non-profits by offering company perks like group outings, store credit, and paid time off. In addition to that, each month, we will have a charity cupcake available for sale- an item whose proceeds will be donated to that month’s local charity organization. While we may no longer be able to donate a flat percentage like we have been so far, we still fully intend on leading our community through example and keeping our roots in helping those who help our city.

Are you still going to be doing wholesale orders and wedding cakes?

Yes and yes! Even more so now that we will have the space and staff! While our online shop will be closed for November, our email is still open! If you have an event that you’d like to get a head start on, please email us at gateaubakingcompany@gmail.com

In closing, we are very excited for this next step and can’t wait for our plans and dreams to come to fruition. See ya soon at our new 7th Street Market storefront!

To those who donated to our crowdfunding campaign, my parents Angela and Dave Ward, my brothers Timmy & Casey, my Dad Jeff Jorgensen, Juli and the staff at Pure Pizza, The team at 7th Street Market and Center City Partners, Travis Phillips for helping me in a way that can't be put into words, Josh Faggart for building this website, Jimmy James Tyson for answering all my construction questions and always giving me words of affirmation when I need them most, Julie White for your sponsorship and undying friendship, my good Judy’s, Peyton and Corbin over at Pushwater Coffee, Kimi Pace of Covet Atelier, Leigh Springs, Caroline Kerrigan, Kaylen Jones for believing me enough to leave your job and come work, the community of friends in Plaza Midwood, the brides who have allowed me to make their wedding cakes, and everyone else that’s ever ordered from Gateau: I can’t thank you enough. Your unwavering faith in me is what solidifies my confidence in expanding; you have always loved and encouraged me and all I can ever hope is to make you proud. Starting something from nothing is really trying at times and without the love, words of encouragement, and overall good vibes from you guys, I don’t know that I would be headed in the same direction that I am now.

With love & excitement,
Cara Jorgensen

Cara Jorgensen